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Videographers lead a varied working existence these days.

Video Production in London

The art of videography is changing. Much is different since the early days of video. 20 years ago, videographers still used tape to record the action and transferred their footage to the computer in real time. videographers

To do this they used a special machine – a tape deck – connected either by firewire/usb or through a video card. Needless to say, it was a long winded process.

Videographers of old generally come from the broadcast industry and applied their skills and knowledge to what was quickly becoming a new medium.

As smart phones developed, the new breed of videographers found a completely different set of skills. they often broke rules that had been set over decades of broadcast video production. These new incumbents are driven by the possibilities presented to them by ever evolving technology.  The go-pro plays its part in this. The first truly portable video camera, it was the perfect tool for video creatives to flex their artistic muscles.

Video production companies started to spring up out of the ashes of the old broadcast industry and they embraced the new lighter, faster camera technology.



This fed an increasing appetite for video and videographers have been obliging ever since.  Videographers, often referred to as ‘self shooters’, usually have a wider range of skills than their older counterparts. Videographers will usually be required to record sound as well as visuals. They will also then often need to edit what they have recorded, adding music and voice to the mix. These skills were traditionally shared between different departments in the broadcast industry.Videography

Jack of all trades?

Now, a videographer could cover every aspect of a production. At Nostairway Creative we now offer every aspect of production under one roof. we feel it’s necessary these days to compete with the abundance of video production companies still springing up.  Our videographers are required to have, not only excellent video skills – many are qualified DOPs – but they need to understand sound. Lighting skills are a must for our videographers as too is a good knowledge of scripting.  Yes, videographers today pretty well need to also posses the skills one would normally associate with film directors and writers.


Here’s an example of how the videographer now covers a multitude of disciplines. This scene was written, shot, directed and edited by one person.

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The future of video production is bright. The demand for videographers is growing, and technology is making it easier than ever to create high-quality videos. In the past, videographers needed expensive equipment and specialised training to produce professional-grade videos. Today, anyone with a smartphone can create a video that looks amazing. As the technology continues to improve, videographers will be able to do more with less.

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