Here at Nostairway we have been working on lots of new voice-over productions recently. We’ve been hard at work setting up our new recording facillities in our brand new office in Chiswick.

Here’s the work in progress, keep an eye out for updates!

Our office in Chiswick

We have been producing voice-overs for some of our talent who you can check out HERE. These have included voiceovers for corporate video productions and voicereels for talent. We have been working with Shelle Luscombe and Katy Haswell in the past few weeks.

On our youtube channel you can also find examples of some of our work of late. Here is some of our very own Robert Marshall’s voice-over work.

In our current voice-over production space we use lots of soundproofing foam to create high quality audio safe from the noises of Chiswick High Street. We then edit and cut the recordings on site and send them off to clients. We can offer super high speed turnaround on our projects currently which has been great for those in a hurry.

During the editing process we cut out breaths, pauses and extra takes for a flawless product. Sometimes we will also use a function in our audio editing called noise reduction. This is because recordings will sometimes have background atmospheric noise, such as noise from electrical equipment or air conditioning.

We will also add music or sound effects depending on what we are producing. We can produce that music ourselves or use preferred sounds which will be shaped around the voices for a clear listening experience. Recently we produced a piece which required jungle sounds and footsteps.

If you need help scripting, recording or editing your voice-overs and audio the get in contact with us HERE. We are currently open and ready for top quality voice-over production in London. At Nostairway we also produce video and would love to hear from you.