Voiceover is on the up. We look at how to do it well.
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Voiceover has long been the glue that holds many video productions together. With the exponential growth of online video content, it is enjoying even ruder health.

But there is a fly in the ointment. It doesn’t all do the job it’s supposed to do.

The number of online celebs, presenters, influencers is growing daily. If you want to know what the latest iPhone is like or a new brand of jog pant or a cooking device, there’s an ‘expert’ out there talking to you about it.


A good voiceover can make a video much more professional and high quality. It can bring out the best in the video and help it to be more engaging and enjoyable to watch. There are many different types, from deep and authoritative to light and friendly. The right one can help to set the tone of the video and convey the desired message.

It can also add an element of credibility to the video, making it more likely to be taken seriously by viewers. In addition, a good voiceover can simply make a video more enjoyable to watch, adding another layer of interest and engagement. For all these reasons, a good voiceover is an essential component of any high-quality video.

Speak up.

That is, if you can ear them. Many of these presenters have not yet learnt the art of correct VoiceOver production. Far too many presentations look great and sound awful.

It’s interesting to note their rise in popularity despite this shortfall. This is because sound, the human voice in particular, can be ingested at least partly subconsciously.

So an influencer waxing lyrical about a product is usually short changing their client – the product manufacturer.

Is there an echo in here?  . . an echo in here?  . . .  echo in here?

The problem is lack of training in the art of Voice recording Now, naturally we would advocate coming to us to get the best sounding VoiceOver on the planet. But sometimes that just isn’t possible, so here’s a few tips help.

When you make a phone call and the person on the other end is not near their phone, it gets a bit hard to hear what hey are saying. The conversation is no longer a relaxing experience and eventually you say “could you pick up your phone? I’m struggling to hear you.”

It’s exactly the same when YouTubers talk at their iPhones. The distance you are from the microphone has a significant effect on how you sound. That echoing voice will not manage to convey all the information you wanted it to. The viewer’s mind is having to decipher the bad sound while looking at the demonstration. something will give and it is usually semantics.

Voiceover isn’t rocket science.

The best way to get a decent sounding Voice is to use the right microphone and get it near to your mouth. Often this runs the risk of partly covering the influencer’s lovely face but video production has always been about compromise. Tests have shown that clear sounding voiceovers manage to get information over and remembered by a huge degree. Advertisers are missing a trick here because it’s them who are ultimately paying.

A professional voiceover can make all the difference in your marketing videos. First, it will ensure that your message is communicated clearly and effectively. A good voiceover artist will have a strong understanding of how to use inflection and pacing to emphasize important points and keep the listener engaged. In addition, a professional voiceover can add an element of credibility and trustworthiness to your video. potential customers will be more likely to do business with you if they feel like you’re an authority on your subject matter.

Finally, a well-crafted voiceover can simply make your video more enjoyable to watch. Whether you’re creating an explainer video or a product demo, adding a skilled voiceover artist to your team will help you create a more successful video.

And if you’re serious about improving your Voice Over, you could try making a Voice Over booth. Here’s an article to help.

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