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What’s happening with Ramona Marquez now?

ramona marquez now

Ramona Marquez in 7 Hours On Earth

is a British actress known for her role as Karen Brockman in the BBC sitcom “Outnumbered.”  She gained significant recognition for her performance in “Outnumbered,” which was a popular show in the UK. However, her popularity may not be as widely recognised on a global scale compared to some other actors and actresses.

Ramona starred in the hilarious romcom ‘7 Hours on Earth’ her school is invaded by aliens, who download into the body of the head, his assistant and several kids.  They set about sorting out the love lives of some of the students, including Ramona’s character, Charlotte.

So, Ramona Marquez now has another great film under her belt. Watch out for further articles where we compare the Ramona Marquez now with the amazing actress she will no doubt become in the future.

Ramona Marquez

Charlotte talks to Dan