post productionAt Nostairway we have made countless showreels for all kinds of different talent. These include reels for our voiceover artists, presenters, actors and actresses. We think they’re important for artists to have in order to send to casting directors and showcase their style and work.

What is a showreel?

Generally, the showreels are a montage of work displaying different styles and genres that the actor can bring to a project. They can either choose what they want included themselves, or have us do it for them! Then we edit it together and add some snazzy music to compliment it and there we have a valuable tool for our actors when they are trying to source work.

We think the shorter the better when it comes to showreels. We imagine a casting director skimming through hundreds of showreels and want to make sure that they see ours through to the end and don’t get bored. This means quick and seamless transitions, short excerpts of work and lively and engaging music. Showreels obviously don’t make much sense narratively, but we do need to make sure that the dialogue is full sentences and not too choppy!

Take a look at our showreels.

Here is our own showreel which displays some of our creative video production work, we hope you make it to the end.

And here is an example of a voiceover showreel, this one is slightly different as it has visuals. Normally we would do an audio track and it would be far shorter – we aim for less than a minute with voiceover reels.

You can check out some of our voice-over talent HERE and have a look at their voice-reels.

So, what is the point in a showreel? Well it’s useful for artists to have an accessible overview of their work. They look quite nice, especially when they’re made by us… And they give a good and quick impression of your work and potential to employers.

If you need us to create a high quality showreel for you then get in contact with us HERE.