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A few reasons to make sure you have good headshots

If you’re an actor, musician or dancer, chances are you already know you need some headshots for your website, your auditions and other promotional material. But nowadays, especially with social media marketing being such an essential part of any business, everyone needs good headshots, whether their job is perfomative or not.

good headshots


Why you need good headshots


Your Website

Adding 1 or 2 good headshots to your professional website can allow your site’s visitors to feel closer to you and potentially connect with your work on a deeper level. A nice, smiley photo of yourself shows people who you are and can show how approachable you are, encouraging them to get in touch and inquire about the services you offer. Once you have picked your favourite headshot of yourself you can also use it on all your social media, especially if you want to promote a professional image of yourself on these platforms.


Applying for jobs

This is especially important if you are a performer of some kind. If you are an actor, almost any audition will require a headshot to ensure you physically match the description of the character. However, even if you are not a performer, it is useful to have a professional looking headshot anyway. Most jobs nowadays are found online, whether it’s LinkedIn, TheDots, Mandy or any other platform, a good headshot can convey your professionalism and show off your personality.



As previously mentioned, any kind of online marketing can be improved by personalising the brand and adding a face, or a few, to the company. It reminds your clients that your business is made up for real people who are there to help. Creative industries can use headshots for other marketing tools as well. For example, if you’re working on a film, press kits are used to promote it and to source funding or distribution and it can be helpful to have images of all the cast and crew. Under each headshot you can add a brief biography of each person, showing that the whole crew is qualified and the film is worthy of what you’re requesting.


Still not convinced you need some headshots? Check out this other article with more reasons.


good headshots


What defines good headshots?

  • Make sure it’s a clear image of you. Typically this will be chest up, with your face well lit, with no dramatic shadows on you.
  • If they’re for acting, I’d recommend coloured photos, it allows casting directors to pass them onto costume and make up if necessary to prepare according to your colours.
  • Also mainly for acting headshots, make sure you get a bit of variety to pick from, depending on what you’re using them for.
  • Keep it natural! Good headshots are meant to show you, not you covered in make up, not you airbrushed on photoshop, the real you.
  • Wear simple clothing, nothing distracting like patterns, bright colours, props or lots of jewellery. Backstage offers tips on how to dress for good headshots.
  • ‘It’s all about the eyes’, it’s a close up so remember to show as much as you can through your face. Your eyes should be completely in focus and looking energised, convey some emotion through them.


For some more advice on what makes a selection of good headshots, check out this article.


good headshots


Where to get good headshots in London?

Nostairway offers photography services right here in the heart of Chiswick, in West London. We can take and edit any kind of headshot you need, as well as product and events photography. So get in touch today for a chat and a free consultation of what we can offer you, for your photography needs or video production in London.




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good headshots