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A Day In The Life Of A Media Apprentice


NO STAIRWAY is a video production company in london based in Chiswick. they created a film called 7 HOURS ON EARTH in 2020. the film involves many amazing actors like the infamous Ramona Marquez (who also stared in “Outnumbered”). 

 NO STAIRWAY have been a film producing company since the year 2000. Unlike other film producing companies, NO STAIRWAY are very experienced in providing a high quality service to its clients as they have been in the business for 2 decades and a half.

my day to day tasks as an apprentice at NO STAIRWAY

as an apprentice at NO STAIRWAY, i have been exposed to the daily day to day tasks involved in a video production company. one of the tasks provided to me by Rob Marshall (director of NO STAIRWAY) is to understand the key aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and to implement it into his business to boost traffic to his website. to learn more about search engine optimisation click here …


i consider my self a highly ambitious person and an opportunity to work as an apprentice at NO STAIRWAY has truly been a blessing. The opportunities of networking with people in the same market are exponential as meeting with clients and understanding there requirements are a main process at NO STAIRWAY. 

NO STAIRWAY believe client satisfaction is key so therefore they put a lot of effort and time to meet to meet client criteria and this has been highly beneficial to me as it allows me to understand the key fundamentals to win in the video production industry.