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Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint Policy No print policy

Uunless absolutely necessary, Employees of Nostairway are requested to only print documents that are absolutely necessary. In general do not print – email, job specs, articles, web pages, copies of documentations. Recycling Policy All employees are expected to: Place all waste in the appropriate bins. This includes but in not limited to: Paper (all documents MUST be shredded first), print cartridges, aluminium, plastics, biological waste etc

Electronic equipment disposal:

In accordance with our policy all electronic equipment to be discarded, phones, computers, printers etc are to be left in the designated area in storage for recycle collection.

Carbon Footprint Travel Reduction

It is the policy of Nostairway to ensure that travel to see candidates and clients is limited to what is necessary. Use the video / tele conferencing facilities All air travel must be approved by a director in writing. All receipts for additional public transport (on top of your travel allowance) must be keep and given to the finance team. We encourage you to use the public transport travel incentives scheme.

Energy efficiency

We require all staff member to turn off terminal PC’s, printers and lights etc when exiting the building. Only energy efficient bulbs are to be ordered and used, except where not possible.

Water Reduction Policy

We request all employees to reduce their water usage Do not leave taps running. Fill the sinks to clean utensils rather than keeping the taps on Only fill kettles with the required water Ensure all taps are turned off correctly Only use water when necessary. Please contact us to find out more.