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Film editors have unique ideas. Film festivals are great for showcasing productions. Here are tips on how to get you noticed:


  • Engage with the judges – Your film has already sparked imagination. So get them excited about your film. Talk about the concept and how you came up with it.


  • Short films – Keeping your film short could make your experience easier. A long film may get turned away. Keep it short.


  • Apply everywhere – Applying to several film festivals could get you better recognition. It is good to get yourself out there. Give yourself more than a couple of chances.


  • Beat the deadline – Entering early on may increase your chances. The earlier you apply, the more festivals you can enter. When you apply earlier, the higher up on the list you could be.


  • Pick the right one – It’s important to enter festivals that are right for you. Make sure you do your research. What has been shown previously? Does your film fit in with this festival?

Recognition for the team

We are proud to announce that 7 Hours On Earth has been selected as a finalist on Sunset film festivals official selection.  It is a great achievement for us.

Our film is among several great short films, short documentaries and music videos. 7 Hours On Earth has been recognised by an amazing film festival in Los Angles. Sunset film festival promotes independent films and premiers for Hollywood films. This includes films such as: Mission Impossible 2 and Gladiator. What a great honour!



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Film festivals: film editors take the stage

  • Sunset Film Festival – promotes independent productions from around the world. This festival has been named one of the best film festivals by CBS television.
  • Cambridge Film Festival – is the third longest running festival in the UK. This festival is committed to sharing the heritage of cinema. Cambridge film trust holds an annual festival. This year has marked their big 40thanniversary.


  • London Independent Film festival – hosts annual events at Genesis cinema. This cinema has been voted the best cinema in the UK. LIFF is promoting over 100 filmmakers’ productions in 2022


  • Sheffield Doc Fest – is the UK’S largest documentary film festival. Sheffield doc festival have many workshops. The films that are showcased promote cultural diversity. Film editors can also sell their films from the festtivals market.


  • SOCHI film festival – is the largest film festival in Russia. This festival has been film promoting since 1991. Sochi citizens enter for free. Festivals are hosted in both London and Russia.


Our role in post production



Nostairway creative was involved in the entire post production. We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality for all of our productions

  • Music and audio – all of our music and audio is produced by our in-house composers.


  • Film editing – NoStairway provided the entire post-production to the film – www.7hourson.earth – including edit, post sound, sfx, vfx, adr, music score and featured songs.  



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