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How to Podcast!



How To podcast


The History of Podcasting

Podcasts are everywhere now in 2022. There’s a podcast about pretty much anything you could want to listen to and we can help you with how to podcast. The post-Serial world of podcasts is now open to the general public. With new shows emerging everyday, there’s no shortage in content and formats for people who want their voice heard – whether it be as part an academic or celebrity journalist show!

The history of podcasts dates back to the 1980s, when they were called ‘audio blogging.’ The genre took off in a way similar with early bloggers -this was a way for anybody to share their experiences and thoughts with other people via audio recording.

During the early 2000s with portable audio devices like iPods becoming more popular, people started recording their ‘audio blogs’ and transferring them to an MP3 file.

In 2003, the iPod was popular and journalist Ben Hammersley coined a term to describe how people were downloading audio blogs onto their devices. He called this new form ‘podcasting’ which led us here today where we can enjoy podcasts on our own time with just about any device that has an internet connection!

Podcasting is the perfect medium for anyone with an interest in any topic and we can help you with how to podcast. From true crime podcasts, to pop culture news shows and opinionated talk shows there’s something here that will be sure to satisfy your cravings!
The best part about podcasting? You can easily create a show tailored specifically towards whatever interests you by using available hosting platforms like Apple Podcasts or Google Play Music Feeds .


Here’s our Ten Tips on How To Podcast:


how to podcast



Develop a concept

Podcasts are a dynamic and ever-evolving medium. How to podcast, starts with what to podcast. What do you want your podcast to be? Do you have an idea for how it should look or sound, but don’t know where to start in creating that experience with listeners of all ages who will love what they hear from us on their favorite device of choice – namely Apple Podcasts (iOS) Android Google Play Music Player(Windows)? Here’s everything there is too learn before starting down this path so as not disappoint anyone when expectations aren’t met!

When you start getting interested in how to podcast,  it’s important to answer two questions: “Why am I doing this?” and what is my show about? Once those initial thoughts are answered there will be more clarity on how best go forward with producing episodes.

how to podcast



Identify your podcast goals


What’s your goal for starting a podcast? To generate leads, be recognized as the leader in an industry or share important messages. Whatever it is that drives you to start up and produce podcasts then let me know why so we can get started!

What Are Some Goals That Drive People To Produce Podcasts?” Why did you come here to find out how to podcast? There must be a goal!


Name your podcast


When deciding on a podcast name, it is important to choose something catchy and memorable. You want people who are listening in search of your show’s relevant keywords will find you! You can’t be looking at how to podcast without having a few ideas yourself!


how to podcast


Use a one or two word podcast name to make it easy for people searching in Google. Add more detail by including your website address and contact information here!

Don’t create podcast artwork just yet. Even though we’re doing all the prep work, it’s best to hold off on creating any visual representation of your show for now as you record and release new content- that way when things change or shift in theme (which they often do), there won’t be anything damaged because changes were made early enough!


Choose your podcast format


With so many formats to choose from, it can be tough picking the right one for your podcast. But with just a little research and determination you’ll find that there are plenty of options available!

The important thing is to make sure whatever format or style suits what kind show you want to put together – whether its interviews about movies happening this weekend in theaters around town; topical discussions focused on current events such as last nights debate between Clinton & Trump ; retrospectives looking back over memorable moments throughout history)

When it comes to podcast formats, there isn’t one right answer. So, let’s talk about the most common formats:

Determine your podcast length


How to Podcast and find out the length? The best way to figure out the perfect length for your podcast is by trial and error. The average episode of our Accidental Tech Podcast ranges from 20 minutes (for shorter shows) up towards 2 hours, but if you’re unsure about what’s right then don’t worry!


how to podcast


There are plenty more ways that podcasts can be edited down into nice manageable chunks without losing any information or atmosphere – just take some time with each one until they find their niche in this ever-changing world we live within todayAnd remember: if you’re producing quality, engaging content, be confident people will keep listening.


Create a publishing schedule


There are a lot of options when it comes to how often you want your podcast published. You might decide on something like Daily publication or even less frequently, such as bimonthly releases for those who have time restrictions in their lives that don’t allow them more than two weeks between posts; however no matter what schedule works best for you.


how to podcast



We can recommend publishing regularly to :

To develop a connection with your listeners by publishing content on a regular basis. If you publish every day, eventually they will start to schedule it into their days and take time out of the week for something new that interests them!

Once you have your podcast format, approximate show length, and publishing schedule, you’re ready to invest in podcast equipment.

Equipment and Software



how to podcast


If you’re looking for an easy way to start your very own podcast, then there’s no better option than picking up the phone and recording. All it takes is recording some audio clips on-phone with two headphones – after that all we have are options! Remember: content will make or break any show so do plenty of research before production begins (which can be as simple/time consuming).

Picking a podcasting setup is hard, but we’ve made it easy for you. We have three different packages based on the number of people who will be recording their voice with your device!

How to Podcast 2022: Podcasting Equipment 

Once you’ve recorded your podcast, it’s time to make edits and adjustments to get the best sound quality possible.

For those of us who produce podcasts on our Android or iPhone, there’s no way to do sound editing. But the good news is that it can be done! Surprisingly enough software for editing podcasts like Garageband are surprisingly affordable and will make your show perfect every time

Audacity is a great audio editor! Audacity also comes with pro-level features, so your podcast software won’t hold you back.

GarageBand comes pre-installed on most Apple computers.

Hindenburg is a pro-level audio editing software for radio and podcasts.


Recording your first episode


The audio world is a tough one to break into. There are so many technical aspects and it can be hard not only keep yourself motivated but also find inspiration when you’re feeling exhausted from all the effort that goes into making your podcast exceptional!

The first step towards any successful show though? Keep going – even if things don’t go perfectly straight away, eventually something good will come along because anything worth doing takes work (and patience).


Get it out there!

When you’ve done your first podcast, share it out there and get feedback. Send it to your family and friends, onto Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the more people see it, the more people will listen to it. Once you have a few followers, they will just increase.


And Keep going!

And once you’ve got a following, Keep going! This is the most important thing.


How To Podcast End Tips!


It’s an accomplishment to launch your podcast, but with these tips on how to podcast, you’ll smash it. Why do a lot of  common reason why podcasts fail. Beginner podcasters often lack connection with their audience, which makes it hard for them to provide any real value in an entertaining package – not that there’s anything wrong with being entertained!

Starting a podcast can be daunting. There are so many questions to ask and think about- from the equipment, software, marketing strategies… The world of audio content is an exciting one with potential for growth in every direction! We hope this article helped answer some your worries as you start on your journey towards hosting great interviews or producing beautiful shows.


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