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Music Production

Music Production Studio

Nostairway Media started life 15 years ago as a music production studio, NoStairway Music, based at the famous Teddington Television Studios. So it goes without saying that music is close to our hearts. Our music production studio saw many artists and television clients pass through the doors and produced over 40 albums, countless singles, lots of sonic logos, loads of sound effects and tons of sound design pieces. More recently our music production studio has created Music for TV Shows, Music for Promotional Videos, Music for Adverts, in fact, Music for just about any form of media project and artist conceivable.

If you’re making a documentary, for instance, and you have high hopes of gaining great interest and even an award or two, remember that original music is obligatory. There are many great libraries out there offering a plethora of choice from some very good Music Production Studios, but nothing quite captures the imagination as well as an original piece of music created exclusively for you and your project. The NSM music production studio is perfectly formed to serve any musical requirements. Our clients include major TV channels, advertising agencies, large corporations for whom we have created an ad campaign and have added the final sparkle with a musical theme or music bed, perhaps, to give the piece that extra boost of originality.


Have a listen to some of the work to come out of our Music production Studio and, if you don’t hear a piece of music that fits your requirement or a song that suits the style of project you’re working on, don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8977 6945 where our friendly helpful staff will be happy to arrange the creation of the exact musical work you’re looking for.

Music Recording Studio
Music Production Studio
Live Music Recording
Live music recording facility


Just some of the happy clients that we have completed work for over the years

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