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Corporate video production is video which has been commissioned by a company or organisation. The videos can be used as training videos, instructional videos, safety videos or to communicate the organisation’s mission. Corporate videos are different to marketing videos, which a company also needs. Corporate video production is frequently the responsibility of a marketing director or corporate communications manager.

Whilst it is in our interest that you choose to use a professional affordable video production company to create your videos, we would like to present to you the benefits of doing so. And if you’re convinced then feel free to get in contact with us HERE. We offer affordable video production in London and would love to be a part of your next project.

Video Quality

Whilst obvious, it’s important. A professional video production company will have far superior video equipment than most organisations trying to produce their own videos. They will also have a range of cameras which will enable you to get the perfect shot no matter the location or conditions. While camera phones are great quality these days, we would strongly advise against using them for you corporate videos. This is because they compress down videos to save space – which compromises the quality and makes it hard to achieve a high quality end result.

Sound Quality

This one is a little bit less obvious than video quality, but still hugely important. A professional affordable video production company will use sound equipment for all shots with diegetic audio – cameras don’t capture the audio well enough. We use a range of different mics depending on the shots being taken. For example we would use a boom microphone for any scenes where there is acting and the microphone shouldn’t be seen.

We can use lavalier microphones for someone speaking where it doesn’t matter if a microphone is seen. Sound quality is hugely important if you want your messages to be conveyed properly in your corporate video productions. This is because voices need to be crisp and clear. There also needs to be no outside atmospheric noise which could be disruptive. This is why you need proper sound equipment!


A professional video production company will have someone who is experienced directing video. They will be able to get shots which capture the message of an organisation whilst maintaining interest. This means that all the organisation needs to do is focus on what the objective is. The director will have the job of bringing that to life. The general rule is that shorter is better for corporate videos.

A director will be able to cut out the fluff and be concise. A videographer will also be able to get shots that will retain engagement and avoid just shots of someone talking to the camera. Basically, a director will be able to create something stylistically which your marketing director may not have the skills to do.


It can be easy to lose your objectives when trying to create a corporate video. By using an affordable video production company they can help you create your mission statement and stick to it. They can be a creative and objective voice to make sure that claims are supported and the message isn’t buried under fluff.

I’ve attached an example of one of our corporate video productions below so you can get a feel for the style. This was for a cloud based corporate on-boarding system for Prosell.

Nostairway Creative is an affordable video production company in London which offers affordable video production. You can look at some more of our work HERE. We can be involved in every stage of your corporate video production – from the conception of an idea to the finishing touches in post-production. You can also get in contact with us HERE. We would love to be a part of your next project.