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Audio production companies such as Nostairway Creative sound proof their studio to ensure the best audio quality. Blocking outside noise can be tricky, especially if your office is based in a busy town such as London. We are going to talk you through how to block out your outside noise.

Audio production companies – the difference between sound proofing and sound absorption 

The Nostairway Creative office is in the centre of Chiswick. This is a very busy part of London however that isn’t a problem for us. We have several pieces of sound absorbing foam that make our studio the perfect environment for professional audio production. This process is an important aspect for our video production as audio is just as important.  

Sound proofing and sound absorbing are two different things. Sound proofing blocks noise from entering and exiting a room. This process prevents vibrations which usually become sound waves. Sound absorbing is when sound waves are absorbed which gets rid of echo and reverb. This improves sound quality in a room.  

There are two categories for sound. Airborne noise which is basically the sound of people talking or the sound of a TV. Vibration impact noise is musical instruments. A great way to tackle the unwanted reverb in a room is to put sound absorbing foam and other density products that will absorb sound energy and vibrations that may affect the quality of your project.

Audio production companies use vocal booths 

A vocal booth is an isolated space that is used to record instruments. Recording instruments and vocals can be altered by other elements when recording. Audio production companies such as Nostairway Creative always use a vocal booth. In one of our most recent sessions with a client, the air con was compromising the sound although it wasn’t particularly loud. Microphones are extremely sensitive and can pick up unwanted noises very easily.

Here at Nostairway Creative, we created a sound booth out of foam and an acoustic screen divider. Our super cardioid microphone is held in place with a microphone stand. This has worked out very well for us. We have recorded good quality audio for various different projects.

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Portable vocal booth

Portable vocal booths can be very useful for people who want better sounding audio. There is a reason why it’s called portable though. A portable booth doesn’t isolate audio completely. A vocal booth used in a studio is the best option for good audio quality. The home can have multiple natural acoustic surfaces which can alter your sound. The first you need to do is to give your home some basic home treatments.  For example, put some sound absorbing foam around the untreated surface areas to get rid of that awful echo sound. Remember to do this step prior to recording to ensure your room is decent enough to record in.

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How does sound insulation work?

Sound insulation works by creating extra obstacles for sound waves. This reduces energy of the sound waves until they eventually become barely detectable.
When it comes to insulating sound, we have to remember one important thing. Sound is only as strong as its weakest point. For example, imagine you are on a noisy bus and the window is open. You would be exposed to the outside noise and you would be able to hear everything. Now if you were to close that window, the bus windows would soundproof the outside noise to a certain extent. The sound would become unclear and muffled. The point to this scenario is that any gaps will affect your audio so remember to fill in any gaps