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My interest in film

Ever since I was a child, stories always interested me. However, I was more of the teller than the listener. ‘You should be an author’, my teacher would always say, except I wasn’t too keen on words on a page. As I got older, I wished to own a film production company. My dream was to work in film; in fact, for my first ever job, I was a runner. This was a good first job to have in film, to learnt the ins and outs of the industry and to make good connections. If you’re beginner looking to be in a reduction company, I highly recommend this job.

The Film Production Company

Eventually, after a few years, I was hired within a film production company in Londonfilm production company as a director’s assistant for a feature length film. It was a simple film about love and all that good stuff, but the director wasn’t great. He had bigger plans, to try and milk as much money as he could from the film. Loose ends that were easy to tie up would remain unsolved to hint at a part two, which meant that the film was incoherent. Not to mention the miserable atmosphere on set. 10 resets to film a single doorbell scene, missed lunch breaks and last minute changes to the script were extremely common.

Something useful thing I learnt about working for a film production company would be that you can choose to walk away. Especially of they aren’t paying you very well, as this is your time and effort going into the project. Many people already have left the production, but a lot of people out their blood, sweat and tears into this film, so had no choice but to stay.

He had to go.

Everyone always talked about it. His film production company wouldn’t have been passed down to a family member, he had none, at least none he was close to. Someone would have eventually had to have done it. They were all miserable. It’s just a tragedy that my first proper job in film was to work for a narcissist.

To be fair, it’s wasn’t really my fault. He had an opportunity to follow his dreams. Greed overcame him. He would have tarnished the name of cinema for a quick buck. His reputation would have been ruined, dead or alive. So I chose for him. To be honest, I did him a favor. He would have been a laughing stock. In a way, I saved hundreds of people from going jobless. I completed my job as the director’s assistant. I assisted him towards the right direction. Now, he is quite literally working under the film.

So now, because I was the one who was always by his side while he was creating this film, I was really the only one who knew his true vision. His pure vision, not stained by greed. The ending of this film is in my hands. Moreover, if the production runs smoothly, and the film is a success, his film production company will be handed over to me. I guess owning my own production company was fate. I have so many stories I need to share and I know that I can improve this production company. It’s all I know and nothing can stop me.

(This story is FICTION)

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