storytelling marketing

Exploring the importance of storytelling in marketing

Effective storytelling is essential to successful marketing of a product or service. This involves connecting to an audience’s emotions and motivations in a relevant and impactful way.

Whilst storytelling is now somewhat a buzzword for communications, with companies and professionals selling themselves for their storytelling skills, it is crucial when creating marketing media.

What is a story?

A story is ‘any account of a series of related events or experiences’. When creating and telling stories we tend to put ourselves into them, this happens all over the world in all cultures. So good storytelling with marketing is relatable for the consumer. It also often presents a conflict or issue which the product or service that you are marketing can solve.

Why should you use a story?

Our brains have emotional and visual reactions to being told a story. When we are introduced to a character and their story it becomes more ingrained into our brains. This is because of the emotional connections which we don’t have when we are only told facts about a company.

Take the noughties BT advert series featuring Kris Marshall and Esther Hall for example. Do you remember it?

BT marketed its broadband and Wi-Fi through telling the story of a new couple and family. They demonstrated the need for their product through family life which is relatable for many viewers. They also engaged their audience by making them care about the characters and what would happen to them next. BT even had viewers vote on what would happen to the couple – the public decided that they would get married!

The BT example may be a lot bigger than what your brand is going for. However, it’s a great example of making the viewers empathise and relate whilst not sacrificing the integrity of your brand through brash marketing.

Planning and strategy

An authentic story is easy for any person of any age to understand, but that requires careful and strategic planning.

Firstly, your intentions must be clear. This means sharing your brand vision in an easily understandable way, which is where a story will help you. A story is 22 times more likely to be remembered than facts.

So, it is important not to be swayed by placing flashy infographics and sales into your marketing content as this will distract from the story and disrupt the clear form, stopping your audience from relating.

The story should demonstrate how your product will add value to your customers’ lives. It should do so without the need to explain your product with words. This means that even the most intangible product or service is simplified.

Defeating competitors through story

We have established that story is all about human connection. This builds trust by focusing on the consumer. With trust built and a memorable story your product can start to be marketed through word of mouth. Get people talking about your amazing creatives and awesome product and your business will continue to grow.

The possibilities of visual marketing and the technology we have at our disposal is growing constantly. Despite this, a simple story is the most powerful tool we have. It’s about demonstrating the value of your product whilst capturing the emotions and motives of your audience through creativity. This will keep your customers hooked and build brand loyalty.

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