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Elements of Audio Post Production

There are just some of the many elements of audio post production that a project might require, and Nostairway can offer.

David Lynch once said in an interview: “films are 50 per cent visual and 50 per cent sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual”.

audio post production


Dialogue Editing

The most basic and essential part of audio post production, synchronising the recorded audio with the video on the editing timeline, and adjusting them by cutting them if necessary. This is also when any unwanted background noise is removed. If everything is done correctly during production, using the best microphones, using a clapperboard and organising the audio files efficiently, this process should be pretty straightforward.

Voice Over

audio post production

Voice Over can be a very important part of any video production. Especially if your video is a documentary, advert or any kind of marketing video, a voice over could be essential in getting your point across. It can provide clear guidance in a training video, explain how a product works, or describe the habits of animals in a nature documentary. Whatever your video’s aim is, you need to remember your voice over during audio post production.


It is important to get right voice over recording and the right voice over artist, someone who matches the tone and energy of your video. So make sure you listen to some samples, ask for a short recording of their voice and pick the best person for the job.

Nostairway has a lot of experience in recording and editing Voice Overs, you can check out some samples here and contact us with any questions or voice over requirements you may have.



Whether you use already produced or original music in your video, you need to make sure you pick it carefully, as it will really help set the mood for your audience. Original music can have a big impact on a project, as it gives it its own unique soundtrack that no other video or film has.

Nostairway has experience in producing original music and soundtracks for videos and films of all kinds. We handled all the post production for the feature film 7 Hours on Earth (2020) including creating, recording and editing all the music, and won the Best Music Award at the Sochi International Film Festival. 



Sound Effects Editing & Design

This involves creating audio effects for the video. This can include already existing effects, but also creating original sounds. These are created by sound designers, sound supervisors, and sound effects editors. This process often creates digital sounds, using heavy processing for example or electronic synthesis.

audio post productionFoley

Many videos may require foley to be added during audio post production. This is part of sound design but includes any practical, human based sound effects, such as footsteps, kissing, fabric noise etc. Recording them separately can increase the audio quality of a video production. I won’t go into too much detail on this stage, as you can just check out our article about foley recording.


Automated Dialogue Replacement is the process of re-recording sound during audio post production, in a more controlled setting. This will usually be done in a studio, due to too much background noise or other technical issues during the original on set recording. It can also be used for creative improvements, if the actor did not get their best performance recorded and wants to attempt a better version of the dialogue, or for any off screen dialogue.


Like I said, these are just some of the steps involved in audio post production, you can read more about the process in articles like this one. But we just wanted to give you an idea of the services we offer here at Nostairway and the importance of each and every one of these steps in the post production and end result of your video. So if you’ve already shot a video, but require high quality audio post production, or if you need a video from start to finish, contact us today for a chat and a free consultation.

audio post production


As a video production company in London, we often get asked how much it would cost to produce a video ourselves. The truth is, with the right equipment and some know-how, you can save a lot of money by creating your own videos. Of course, there is an initial investment involved in purchasing the necessary equipment.

However, once you have your own set-up, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can create. And if you’re willing to put in the time to learn the ropes, you can start producing high-quality videos that will save you money in the long run. So if you’re looking to create video content on a budget, don’t be afraid to go DIY. With a little effort, you can create professional-grade videos that will help you save money and reach your target audience.