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The importance of “Recency”

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Google have a guiding principle called E-A-T which stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust. E-A-T was first introduced as a performance measurement factor for it’s employees, and has become the underpinning for the way Google evaluates a page against a customer search term. Using website video is great way for your SEO rating and google performance to improve.

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Google is constantly reading and re-reading (crawling) every website, gathering data via it’s AI to understand what is on each and every website page in the world so that it can present the most useful and relevant response to any conceivable search. 

When Google’s AI is presented with 2 pages which give a “similar” quality result, it needs a tie breaker – this is where the recency of updated content comes in. The more recent the relevant content to the search, the higher it will be shown.

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Is maintaining your website all the time a lot of hard work?

You worked long and hard creating your Brand online, so you should not change the fundamental copy or imagery on your site unless something has fundamentally changed in your business. (e.g. You have added a new service, you have a new brand strapline, you are entering a new market).

Most websites have certain sections which users can access to refresh content easily. These are usually Blog Posts, Testimonials, Case Studies and Team Members.

How does website video help me get found on Google?

Google owns YouTube, and so it’s no surprise that the experts in both businesses have been working hard teaching Google’s AI to read video. If you consider that YouTube’s advertising revenue increased from $8bn in 2017 to $20bn in 2020 (Statista 2021), you can see the amount of effort they have put in. There is also now a filter in search for people specifically looking for video results.

Website video is a great way to get your SEO rating up.

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How does website video help my recency score?

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Website video helps drive time on site, engagement, and clarifies understanding of what it is that you do in a visual way. Website video is a valuable tool in your armoury for your core content.

However, if you think about the sections of a website designed for you to keep up to date regularly, website video is also a great way to keep them fresh and engaging too.

A website video testimonial is a brilliant way of showcasing the impression you have made on your clients. 

A new team member talking about themselves is a great way to introduce them to your clients.

Try a Vlog instead of a Blog – great if you are showcasing a recent event that you have held.

Share a recent presentation or webinar.

Camera shy? Try a Podcast!

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Should I use a Video Production Company?

Your website is the digital embodiment of your brand, so you need to make sure your video content is engaging and technically suitable for how you want to use it. Your local Video Production Company, Nostairway, can help you plan your video, design the right content and deliver the perfect result based on your requirements.

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8 tips for optimising your website video for SEO

  1. Make sure your page content is good – website video for video sake won’t do much for you! A poorly written page won’t rank, even if the video is great.
  2. Plan your website video – What are your objectives? Are your calls to action clear? How is the video relevant to the page content? What size works well on the platform you are using?
  3. Insert a video transcript – Google still finds text easier to index than images. Plus, your website video is watchable by people without headphones who don’t want to disturb others.
  4. Check your thumbnail image is engaging – No-one wants to click on a grumpy looking face! Wistia report a 30% higher play rate from videos with custom human thumbnails. Also, make sure the image is relevant to what you want to be found for – it sounds obvious, but take a look out how many people don’t do it!
  5. Manage your video metadata – The title and description of your video are the way Google initially assesses the relevancy of your website video. Include your target keywords and make sure the description demonstrates how the video is relevant to your website.
  6. Less is more – Google typically picks the first video on a page to index – pick your best, most relevant video to the page copy, rather than smattering the page with several.
  7. Hero the website video – The more confident you are, the more confident Google will be! Don’t hide website video content low down the page, make it the hero of your story.
  8. Don’t duplicate – If you embed the same video twice in your website, Google indexes it twice. This is bad! You are essentially competing against yourself!


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