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Are confident TV presenters really confident?

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Confident TV presenters seem to have great jobs, we believe they come across confident and passionate whilst talking in front of the camera. I wonder- are they? We will look at top tips for how to be a presenter and find confidence and become one of these confident tv presenters. We will also look into the phycology of nerves of how it affects us.

The confidence confident tv presenters have is always impressive. They make it look easy, but of course we know that it’s not. So how do they do it? How do they manage to speak with such assurance, even when they’re talking about complex topics? Part of the answer lies in their training. TV presenters undergo extensive media training, which gives them the skills and knowledge they need to feel confident on camera. They also have a team of professional writers who craft their scripts, ensuring that they sound natural and confident. But ultimately, the secret to confident TV presenting is simply practice.

Research is useful for confident TV presenters

Research can help gather evidence for our theories which will always help with confidence. Building our knowledge about the subject we talk about can help us become confident TV presenters by combating the nerves that come with the fear of appearing uninformed. As a result of this, our audience are likely to see our confidence and be able to trust the words we say.

On the other hand, research may not necessarily help everyone. Many confident tv presenters may have a persona they put on in front of the camera.  A persona is someone’s public image or ‘fictional character.’ Bloggers/influencers often adopt this social character to attempt to become more appealing.

These fictional characters can come across as glamorous most of the time. Nowadays influencers seem to appear more honest about their content. Molly-Mae shows her fans a natural transformation journey.

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Click here to see Molly’s transformation


Enthusiasm helps confident TV presenters grow

I enjoy an enthusiastic presenter for two reasons. One: the passion they portray. Two: Their enthusiasm transfers to the viewer. Passion tells me that they may have had some experience in the subject they are talking about. As a result, they are credible. When they smile and express their emotions about the subject, it shows they are unafraid to put themselves out there.

A smile may speak a thousand words, however this can be deceiving. The social character may only be persuading us in order to gain more views. This enthusiasm may only be for show. So, how can we be sure that what they are saying is true? We can’t! We are persuaded by their personality to buy into products they are marketing.

Molly’s persona is heavily based on constant reinforcement of her buying clothing pieces that are on trend. I notice that she is extremely enthusiastic when talking about clothing. As a result, this makes her a successful blogger because fashion lovers will be convinced that they need keep up with the same trend. Her big following on social media means she needs to keep this up.

confident tv presenters

Click here to see Jayne’s showreel


Click here to see Jayne’s TED talk


Personality vs Persona

We have touched on what persona is. Is persona and being authentically yourself the same thing? Is there a difference? Well some phycologists refer to personality as a shadow. ‘The shadow’ is described as an individual who has desires and feelings that are not seen as appropriate for social acceptance.

We may not be confident with showing these feelings as they are vulnerable. We often project our thoughts and feelings on to others. Without being identified, they become separate to protect us. As a result, this creates the persona. This means that we can keep our vulnerability safe whilst still having a voice to discuss our thoughts. Once our personality is protected, we can start to develop into confident TV presenters.

What is Confidence?

Its simple! Confidence is the belief that you can achieve something. Self-esteem is knowing your worth and abilities. Although different, having self-esteem will help you find confidence. If you believe that you are worthy of winning a football trophy, you will believe you can win one. Over confidence can overshadow your achievements. Remember, a confident tv presenters individual has experienced success at some point. They are influenced by truthful admiration.

The Truth About Nerves

Nerves get the better of most of us at some point in life. But what are they and why do we get them? Nerves are the negative thought process we work up in our minds. The situation in which we are in is the root cause of us diving into panic mode. This happens because we build up negative scenarios or outcomes in our mind. Usually with nerves, the confidence we build has completely vanished. As a result, we focus too much on what could go wrong as opposed to what is going right.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to counteract your nerves. How does it work? A hypnotherapist will put you in a trance-like state. They do this by repeating words that create mental images in your mind. As a result, this helps you feel calm and relaxed while your therapist explores and reflects your thoughts.  Hypnotherapy is useful because it clears your mind and encourages new ways of thinking.


Becoming one of many confident TV presenters doesn’t just mean confidence. Being a presenter is how you prepare, compose and present yourself. Having a persona isn’t as easy you think. Persona and personality are about finding balance. ‘The shadow’ is vulnerable so keep this in mind. Persona is more open to criticism but don’t be fooled. Presenters/influencers can still become affected by harsh critics.

Being a confident TV presenters is all about being comfortable in your own skin and knowing your material inside out. While some people are naturally confident on camera, others may need to fake it until they make it. However, there are a few things that everyone can do to look and feel more confident on TV. First, it’s important to always be prepared. Have a clear understanding of what you’ll be talking about before you step in front of the camera.

This will help you to feel more confident and avoid any awkward silence if you get lost for words. Second, make sure you know your audience. If you’re presenting to a group of experts, you’ll need to prepare accordingly and brush up on your knowledge. However, if you’re presenting to a general audience, then keeping your language simple and avoiding jargon will help them to understand and engage with what you’re saying.

Finally, remember that body language is key. Relax your shoulders, keep your chin up and make eye contact with the camera to give off the impression of confidence even if you don’t feel it inside. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a confident TV presenters.

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