10 Key Equipment Needed For Podcasts

Want to start your podcast career but don’t know what equipment needed for podcasts? Here we tell you everything podcasting, from equipment to software!

Drama based training videos Part 1

Drama based training videos Part 1 Drama based training videos are a great way to help people get a better understanding of the topic being taught. Video production companies like Nostairway Creative are committed to providing an engaging and fun learning experiences...

The film production company – Part 1

What is it really like when a film director goes rogue? How the the myriad cast and crew react? How should they react? Join us for part one of what promises to be a thrilling ride with a film production company.

Audio Post Production Companies – What Do They Do?

Despite the very exact title, audio post production companies perform a wide and varied selection of services. Firstly, audio post production generally refers to everything you do after the the material has been recorded. So, editing the audio takes from a shoot,...

What Is Post Production in the modern day?

Post Production is everything that comes after you have completed the shooting, or production. To begin, post production usually starts by ingesting all the material that has been recorded. This will be the clips you filmed, the audio you recorded, any bought in clips...